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On 21-23 Oct 2011, me went with [ profile] kiraraeye  & her mom to Belitung, which has so many beautiful beaches and surrounded by other small islands with fantastic views. Most Indonesian will known it as a place where the popular "Laskar Pelangi" film was shoot-ed also.

One of the must-visited places in Belitung is the Lengkuas Island. No doubt here you can have many fantastic sea views but the main attraction is the old white lighthouse that stand in that island. The lighthouse was build on 1882 (wow so old huh) and it was a 18 stories building. Furthermore the lighthouse was made with metal aka tough steel, so it is forbidden to climb it on rainy day for fear of lightning struck.

Yes, we can enter the lighthouse and climb it to the top (can you see the 'tiny' people in the picture below? ;p ). Many succeeded, others like us failed teehehe, we made it until the 5th floor only, too lazy to climb more. Though it was said that the views from top of the lighthouse is so awesome.

Err why did I take picture of these cats you said? Well of course I have to take one especially when they were already posed for us. Yups, during the minutes we all taking their pictures from various angles, they kept still and stay posing for us, and all looked straight to the camera. I guess these cats are already used to have their pictures taken by all the tourist that came to Lengkuas island LOL.

This one is called the Garuda rock, as you can see the rocks structure or composition did look like a (Garuda) bird.

Other beautiful views:

This is the rumah adat aka tradition house (?) of Belitung, urgh I failed on 'finding' the correct term in english >///<

One of the random & interesting things we found in Belitung is when we visited the so-called one and only famous bakery in Belitung, Happy Bakery. Did you notice that almost all of the women customer wear their motor helmet inside the store? Wonder why XDD

Overall I had a very fantastic holiday, hope I can get back there someday and explore more of the islands. Big thanks to [ profile] kiraraeye & her mom (Tante Susi) for taking me there with them and to Mr. Hari (Head of Belitung Airport) for including me in the invitation and taking us around when we're in Belitung. Muchas Gracias!  ❤❤❤


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