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I've experienced many especially in this 2011, there were certain times that I was so down that I just want to stay in my room and never go out again, there were other times when even such a simple thing said by others made my teary, there were times when I just want to give up and never give a damn any longer. Alas, there were many times also where I smile and laugh, when I can just enjoy life as it is and keep doing my best and hope for the best. Whether in my personal life, with my works, friends and others.

As always, my family is my priority, I can hardly wait for the time when the four of us - me, my mother, my brother and sister - finally can living together aka under the same roof again, instead of only on holidays.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I count myself so fortunate to have best friends that care for me. Even though we haven't got a chance to meet face-to-face often. I hope I can be a better friend for them also.

Works... well just as usual, busy busy so busy busy busy not busy busy busy... so on and so on. Of course, I have my own worry here, I just hope I can keep my works and perform well, especially since I don't have any special skills or significant selling points.

Ain't going to give a damn about what other thinks, do and say anymore though, especially in works. I can not please everybody and I don't want to again. It will only give me a headache and stress. Indeed, each to their own!

I will always keep this in mind- "You reap what you sow, maybe not today, maybe not this year, maybe not in 10 years, but you will - the so-called karma - when you do good, you will get good, when you do bad, you will get bad, all will be returned to you in folds." Well it was easier said than done.

Still, life IS a bitch, enough said XDD

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