Sep. 1st, 2011 04:10 pm
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Yups, am in the middle of Idul Fitri holiday now and I enjoyed it by rolling around in my bed day by day, it's heaven! Fufufu~

Let's see...

Rambling continue~ XD )

And now, am counting down the remaining days until I have to go back and face reality *in-denial & lebay mode on*
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It's official, am now one of the student of HOL Virtual Hogwarts and yesh, I got sorted in Slytherin, First Year <333

House of Slytherin )

My HOL name there is Synleezz Eltanin, let's be friends :)

Need to read and learn more about the school though, before the new term start in Sept. Luckily there are HOL Wiki and HOL Handbook. A bit anxious but still excited.
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The sorting hat says that I belong in Slytherin!

Said Slytherin, "We'll teach just those whose ancestry is purest."

Slytherin students are typically cunning and hungry for power. Important members include Draco Malfoy (Harry's nemesis), Professor Severus Snape (head of Slytherin), and Lord Voldemort.

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

Fufufu I got 56 score for Gryffindor, 66 for Ravenclaw, 62 for Hufflepuff and 69 for Slytherin, woot!!


Aug. 2nd, 2011 10:25 pm
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Pottermore.... Pottermore... Yay Pottermore!!
Finally I got in!

Welcome to Pottermore <3 )

*waku waku yoooo*

Edit: Tips for those who haven't got in the Pottermore yet, just follow HP BatSignal ^.~ *big thankies to [ profile] scratchbook *
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Yups...   Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!  

And on this special day also I, finally, could watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 02 ❤

Ignoring the epilogue (except for the cute Albus Severus Potter), the movie were done nicely I think, and almost all pairings in this fandom were showed there, i.e Harry x Draco, Severus x Harry and even Voldie x Harry fufufu <333

For this final movie of HP, me & [ profile] meine_liebe  watched it together with Indonesia Harry Potter (aka IHP) community, too bad it was the first and the last for us >.>;;;

Oh well, here's some related HP gimmicks that we got:
Beware of the spam picts XD )

Needless to say, am feeling accomplished today hehehe


Jul. 25th, 2011 12:10 am
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Since I went to visit Studio Ghibli in Japan, I have this urge to re-watch most of their movies again, especially the old ones such as Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Kiky's Delivery Service etc. I do have most of them in VCD/DVD, but they were kept in my other hometown in Bandung.

Hence after I got back.... XDD )

Can hardly wait to (re)watch them all ❤
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I can't remember exactly how long I've been in this fandom, seems like it's been ages. Since the first time I read the first book, I got hooked. Yups, what else, it's Harry Potter ❤

Moving on~ <333 )


Jul. 19th, 2011 09:47 pm
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Urgh I considered myself lucky, to be able to hold my self when I'm in Japan... albeit a bit, especially since I found K-Books in Ikebukuro.... almost snap myself there >.>

I haven't got the chance to sort my photos or make a list of what I got from my Japan trip, but it WAS a very fulfilling 2 weeks, dreams come true etc. Went to many places, such as Kyoto, Nara, Hakone, Kamakura, and of course Tokyo - Ikebukuro (where we stay), Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shin-o-kubo, Ueno, and many more. When I've sorted the photos, I'll upload them to my Facebook.

Beware of the spam picts XD )

Looking forward to go to Japan again someday... let's say 5 years from now? *cross fingers* Teehehe

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Seems like I'm the only one who actually doing everything, who's concerned about the house, the moving etc. Furthermore I'm the one who will pay for all of those also. Just wish I can have a little assistance here and there instead of being just again another 'driver', instead of another answer of 'tau ah'.

Beware of the whining mode XD )

Oh well, nanto ka naru... hope it will be only now that I'm being this gloomy and whining... tomorrow will be a better day, I'm sure, with a never ending hope to find a growing money tree wakakakakakaka *crossfingers* XDDD


Apr. 11th, 2011 02:34 pm
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After spending much times in searching for a house, we might have found a quite acceptable and homey one.

Rambling continues... :3 )

We will go to nego further and close the deal, so to speak, this Saturday, lets keep our fingers crossed then.

Ah and did you know, the plus aspect of the house, the big plus if I may say, that it was on the FastNet (the current fastest ISP in town) coverage area hohoho *goes skipping*
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Better late than never heh XDDD

And I really like this new year greetings from HD Holidays  :

May 2010 roar out like a lion and 2011 slither in like a snake...hopefully with a bit of entwining around midnight.

Hear! Hear! Hear!
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Actually I've bought some digicam quite a while ago, its CANON IXUS 105. Yeah I know, its just a standard digital camera, nothing special, but at least I can now take pictures with more good quality, compared to using my mobile phone only :p

Have been thinking of creating a separate blog about the foods I ate (seeing I like to eat, a lot...) and or about my wardrobe (seeing I have updated my wardrobe with some new & trendy ones this year, at least I like to think so teehehehe)

Lucky for me, I've found a good photo blog, recommendation from [ profile] scratchbook , and voila I made two right away :
Bon Appetit
Closed Closet

I haven't the chance to update them recently, but I do still taking pictures, never fear. When the mood strike, I'm sure I'll upload the photos & update them all *cross fingers*

Well, that's Gemini for you :p


Sep. 26th, 2010 04:03 pm
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Haven't sorted out all my files yet, but at least I've copied most to 1TB My Book Essential. So now I have a few of empty external HDD. I gave the 40 GB one to my little sis and the 100 GB one to my brother. I still have the 160 GB, 320 GB and 500 GB ones. The 160 & 500 GB are being used for my back-up files that I may want to open/read often and I can carry them around easier. And I lend the 320 GB one to my friend, and in return when he gave it back to me, I will get many and many copy of anime, yaaaaay can't hardly wait.

Been thinking to finally going to Japan, especially after I found-out that AirAsia has opened a route from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo -  Haneda and its promo price start from 99 RM. So cheap!  Even if I have to fly from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur first, its still cheap!! Target 1-2 years from now, so need to do a lots of saving *cross fingers*


May. 5th, 2010 04:39 pm
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It is!

Succumb to temptation and voila.... My Book Essential 1TB and WD Elements 500GB already in hand (doh)


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Hope things got much better in 2010 and years after that. No new year resolution or what so ever, I'm not good with that kind of things. Just embrace the days as they are approaching and do our best and wish for the best *crossfingers*

Spent almost all my Christmas and New Year holidays by reading fics, and yes they are STILL HP fanfics,  HPDM to be precise, and yes I'm still stuck in the fandom and no sign at all of the way out. Me no looking at them too, on contrary, me want MOAAAR >;D

Finally got to meet my cousins in Pekan Baru, mind you, I never, ever, even for once, meet them in my 29 years life, seeing we live in different islands, where I never goes to them, and they never goes to mine. And when I got to meet them, it was in their wedding day LOL.
Thank you Uncle, for paying the airplanes cost etc, a short trip but quite enjoyable.

Am thinking of going to Medan on March, to accompany my mother for the prayer day, its been more than 10 years since the last I step a foot in Medan.

Oh well, lets see shall we.
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May. 12th, 2009 11:55 am
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Joined Twitter lately, here's my account
Will try to update differ status from the plurk's one I think, more serious topics? Teehehehe though me personally think Plurk is way more fun ^.^

Related to this Twitter project I have and for your information, you could get updates more easier from Sony Indonesia here

Yosh, lets do our best (gym)
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Getting older has not riddance my passion for BL, yaoi, slash, you name it ~~~ *cough cough*

More and more fandom that I'm get deep into. I always thought that my eternal fandom will be Harry Potter, but oh boy, Merlin really nailed me down. I'm still in hunting mode for good fics of Merlin, and awaiting impatiently for the next fic from one of my fav authors [ profile] astolat *thousand hearts for her gorgerous fics of Merlin*

Life is good huh *back to sleep with a big grin on her face*
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It's been raining every day now, this week, day and night. I fear for the electricity power circuit in my area. Usually on a heavy rainy days, the electricity will goes off =____=

And some of the area in my town, Jakarta, will get flood if there's too much rain.

I like rain, but not if it's pouring so excessively >.<

............ *looking out of the window*

Even now at 11.32 pm, its been raining hard, the sound of the wind is a bit creepy >.<

*back to curl on her blanket*
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Give me back my holiday please!! I already planned ahead what the agenda for this year holiday, and now its ruined, ruined, totally ruined. Instead of a full-10-days-expected holiday, we got 4 days off only!!  What the~~~!!!  We even have to go to the office on 30,31 Dec'08 and on 2 Jan'09. When we will have no works/tasks to finish on the year-end. For God's sake, even most of my clients already take an early-leave for the upcoming holiday (christmas & new year).

Nooooo.... I need my holiday, as in really really need it.... *sigh*

Now, instead of me going to Bandung to check on my mother, I think I'm going to tempt her to spend the new year in Jakarta *crossfingers*

Oh well~~~


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