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Argh I can't stop playing it over and over again in my WMP,  both version of Elyurias & Nezumi ones. I totally hearts this song, especially the Nezumi version <333

This song is one of the few that makes me google for the lyrics.

Kaze wa tamashii o sarai~ )

Autumn 2011

Sep. 6th, 2011 05:41 pm
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Hmm since I have a much faster internet connection now (Yay FastNet Banzai!!), beside manga & fanfics/ebooks, these couple of months my scope of downloads include anime also :3

Usually I will get a batch of lotsa anime from my friend per 2-3 months. I lend my ext HDD to this friend of mine, and when he returned it to me there will be like 50-100GB anime inside it fufufu. Well, of course since he is a guy, his choices of anime are more to moe and boing-boing ones XDD

Moving on... XD )

Fiuh... need to finish watching some of the "previous-seasons-and-too-old" anime soon, othwerwise I fear for the spacey of my ext HDD.


Sep. 1st, 2011 04:10 pm
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Yups, am in the middle of Idul Fitri holiday now and I enjoyed it by rolling around in my bed day by day, it's heaven! Fufufu~

Let's see...

Rambling continue~ XD )

And now, am counting down the remaining days until I have to go back and face reality *in-denial & lebay mode on*
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For this month salary... *check her wallet* .... shikushiku T^T

Have to survive for another week with the money in hand now, that's why mall, esp book stores are no-no. The biggest hypermarket in Indonesia, Carrefour, are also a no-no. Hope there will be no need to touch the saving though *crossfingers*

Other than that, life has been wonderful, lotsa new reading materials, especially HP fanfics. Stumbled upon generous people who are willing to  share they treasures wholeheartedly, from manga/manhwa to anime *so-big-grin*

Kindly ignore the me who in-denial mode for works, still.


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