Oct. 30th, 2011 08:17 pm
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On 21-23 Oct 2011, me went with [ profile] kiraraeye  & her mom to Belitung, which has so many beautiful beaches and surrounded by other small islands with fantastic views. Most Indonesian will known it as a place where the popular "Laskar Pelangi" film was shoot-ed also.

Read more and see the photos that was taken *coughcough* <3 )

Overall I had a very fantastic holiday, hope I can get back there someday and explore more of the islands. Big thanks to [ profile] kiraraeye & her mom (Tante Susi) for taking me there with them and to Mr. Hari (Head of Belitung Airport) for including me in the invitation and taking us around when we're in Belitung. Muchas Gracias!  ❤❤❤


Sep. 1st, 2011 04:10 pm
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Yups, am in the middle of Idul Fitri holiday now and I enjoyed it by rolling around in my bed day by day, it's heaven! Fufufu~

Let's see...

Rambling continue~ XD )

And now, am counting down the remaining days until I have to go back and face reality *in-denial & lebay mode on*
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Give me back my holiday please!! I already planned ahead what the agenda for this year holiday, and now its ruined, ruined, totally ruined. Instead of a full-10-days-expected holiday, we got 4 days off only!!  What the~~~!!!  We even have to go to the office on 30,31 Dec'08 and on 2 Jan'09. When we will have no works/tasks to finish on the year-end. For God's sake, even most of my clients already take an early-leave for the upcoming holiday (christmas & new year).

Nooooo.... I need my holiday, as in really really need it.... *sigh*

Now, instead of me going to Bandung to check on my mother, I think I'm going to tempt her to spend the new year in Jakarta *crossfingers*

Oh well~~~


Dec. 15th, 2008 03:11 pm
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The time of my madness has arrived hohohoho

I've finally succeeded of killing myself slowly by buying the extra 320 GB HD *seppuku-mode-ON* despite all the advices and discouragements from couple of my friends (bg yelling: dollar na masih mahal, dollar na masih mahal). So here I'm digging my own grave bits by bits... didn't dare to count how much her total expenses this month >__<;;;

BUT.... I finally could start to sorted my files, I almost moved all my BL files to the new HD, well except for cd 61-94. Need to look for them and copy them to the new HD also. Alas I already could predict, how I will spend my upcoming holiday season.

With all the copy-ing and temporary sorting files, I could get to empty-ing one of my external HD of 40 GB. And that HD will be the one I used / lent to JF so he could give my anime-dosis. GO GO JF !!

Need to stock a lots of entertainments for the upcoming holiday, though whether I could watch them or not is a different matters.... *guling2*

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Can't hardly wait~~ been wanting to just sleep, sleep, and sleep for the whole weekends ~~~~ no need to wake up early in the morning teeheehee

And maybe I will buy that extra 500GB HD this month, so I could finally sorted my downloaded files that pretty sure will take more than 1-2 days. Heck I could probably end up sorting-up my files the whole next two weeks holiday, and also need to 'burned' them into DVD *wondering how many blank DVD left in my room~~*  otherwise need to stock them again.

Praying wholeheartedly for the dollars currency to get lower and lower.... *keeping a close eye on my wallet*


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