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Better late than never heh XDDD

And I really like this new year greetings from HD Holidays  :

May 2010 roar out like a lion and 2011 slither in like a snake...hopefully with a bit of entwining around midnight.

Hear! Hear! Hear!
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Hope things got much better in 2010 and years after that. No new year resolution or what so ever, I'm not good with that kind of things. Just embrace the days as they are approaching and do our best and wish for the best *crossfingers*

Spent almost all my Christmas and New Year holidays by reading fics, and yes they are STILL HP fanfics,  HPDM to be precise, and yes I'm still stuck in the fandom and no sign at all of the way out. Me no looking at them too, on contrary, me want MOAAAR >;D

Finally got to meet my cousins in Pekan Baru, mind you, I never, ever, even for once, meet them in my 29 years life, seeing we live in different islands, where I never goes to them, and they never goes to mine. And when I got to meet them, it was in their wedding day LOL.
Thank you Uncle, for paying the airplanes cost etc, a short trip but quite enjoyable.

Am thinking of going to Medan on March, to accompany my mother for the prayer day, its been more than 10 years since the last I step a foot in Medan.

Oh well, lets see shall we.


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