May. 12th, 2009 11:55 am
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Joined Twitter lately, here's my account
Will try to update differ status from the plurk's one I think, more serious topics? Teehehehe though me personally think Plurk is way more fun ^.^

Related to this Twitter project I have and for your information, you could get updates more easier from Sony Indonesia here

Yosh, lets do our best (gym)
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Yay i finally found a buyer for the iBook G4 *dancing around*

My cousin asked me to help him sell the iBook G4 which he bought  second handly also not a month ago. And he wanted to sell it again because he couldn't use it..... not familiar with Mac OS. Though i think not that much different with Windows.

Ureshii nano ka, kanashi nano ka.... mouuu~~~ At first I wanted to buy it for my self... Its white... Its cute (a cute lappie?!).....and its only 12" but quite heavy though.

Since friday night (22/08),  I' ve been using the said iBook to go online. After hanging out in Plaza Senayan on said friday night, me and friends decided to stay a night at [profile] kiraraeye 's place. That night there were at least 4 lappie onlines (mine, [profile] kiraraeye , [profile] scratchbook and [personal profile] shiroki_kun ). Kirara's room were look like some warnet (internet provider store? dont know how to say it in english.... brain not fully function yet!).

The other two [profile] tonomurajiro and [personal profile] sukiyakiya , since they couldn't go online, they've been watching some DVD downstairs XDDD

And you know what, even though we're in one room, we're still Plurk-ing together, we all did our converstions by Plurk wakakakkaka. Minna wa into autis mode XDDD

Plurk !!

Aug. 21st, 2008 10:52 pm
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Plurk fever ~~~ Plurk fever ~~~ Plurk fever ~~~ Plurk fever ~~~ Plurk fever ~~~ !!!


yabai naaaa~~~~  *guling2 nga jelas*


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